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Wed 24 May 2017

UK Police Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum

NINE WEEKS on from the murder of PC Keith Palmer in a terrorist attack in London, a major campaign has been launched across the country to help raise funds to build a new UK Police Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in...

Wed 24 May 2017

Members Day 2017

Members Day 15 December 2017 is already well under way and Vice President Sean Hannigan is looking after the event as part of his cultural portfolio.   He is delighted to announce the following activities which will be included during the...

Tue 23 May 2017

Caravan and Camping Group

To all those members who are not aware, for some reason the Knaresborough Camping and Caravanning date does not seem to be on the Rally List. Kevin and Angela Hullah would like to confirm that both the Knaresborough and Belford Events are taking...


08 March 2013

Explosive Self Defence System Course

Members of the International Police Association (IPA) Defensive Tactics Group (DT Group) met during February for a short course introducing the Explosive Self Defence System (ESDS) and defence from a knife.

ipa-dtg chester 060213 014

ESDS is the recognised style of fighting adopted by the DT Group because it fits in with self-defence legislation, human rights, health & safety and public perception. Based on reading and displaying body language, the practice uses the gross motor-skills of instinctive body reactions to make self-defence more effective. Using open hand slaps to sensitive areas of the human body maximises the shock effect of strikes and is a safer option for Law Enforcement Officers because it reduces injuries to the hands. One cannot effectively fight or use firearms and personal protective equipment with a broken fist.

Held at Chester University, Group Chair, Martin Cooper led the first session.  Rob Stenhouse, Group Secretary, then finished the day off with some practical knife defence training which was based on similar concepts to the ESDS  ie gross motor skills, knowledge of how offenders attack and a fight or flight mind set.

ipa-dtg chester 060213 020







Rob commented that both sessions were well received and the Group even managed to fit in a brief and productive meeting.  “Those who attended enjoyed themselves so much it was hard at times to keep serious discussion on track – clearly it’s time to organise a social event – so watch this space” he said.

For more information on the DT Group, visit:

Click here to view a video of this event.