Welcome to Section UK of the International Police Association

The International Police Association (IPA) is a worldwide membership organisation for serving and
retired police personnel. It prides itself in being "A Vibrant IPA".  
ll inclusive; Visible; International; Benefits R key; Retain all members, respecting all views; Activities; Networking in friendship; Trust and charity; IPA. 

In Section UK, membership is open to serving and retired Police Officers, Special Constables and members of Police Staff employed by a Chief Constable or other appropriately designated Chief Officer of the Police Service. The Section has a unique mixture of police personnel who are still serving, retired, or in some instances, who have voluntarily resigned from the police service.*

The IPA provides social activities at an individual or family level - trips, holidays, sporting events, competitions and exchange visits. The IPA also organises seminars on police related topics. The benefits of individual police participation are many - make new friends, learn about policing in other countries, cultures and professional practice, and receive help with travel and accommodation. For the retired police family, IPA offers another opportunity to stay in touch with former work colleagues. For details of who can join Section UK, go to www.ipa-uk.org/Join-Us


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